Growing Season
Reproductive Wholeness

Supporting Families Like Yours from
Preconception through the Postpartum

Welcome to Growing Season!

Pardon our (baby)dust during this time of flux! Things are mostly in place, but I’m still getting all the pieces to come together, so occasional links might not work, filler text, etc. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you’re as excited as I am!


For the Whole Childbearing Cycle.
For the Whole Picture.
For the Whole You.

Whole Fertility:
Integrative Bodywork &
Guidance Sessions

Working together, we prepare your body and your mind for conception. This 2-hour session pairs a full 60-minute fertility massage with a fertility consult, including charting, herbs, timing, and self care homework.

Whole Pelvis:
Pelvic Floor Doula Care &
Childbirth Preparation

This innovative package combines labor doula support with prenatal pelvic floor manual therapy and other bodywork to give you the tools to consciously soften your pelvic floor for your birth.

Whole Postpartum:
Integrative Bodywork &
Support Package

Caring for the whole you post-birth. Package includes meal train set-up, a 60-minute postpartum massage each session, lactation support, herbal sitz baths, birth story processing, referrals, 1-on-1 lessons on topics such as infant massage, and more.


Sometimes you don't want the whole package.

For those times you just want a little something for yourself, or to have a sample session before going for the whole package. Maybe you’re buying a gift certificate for a loved one?

Sweet stork parents in a nest.

November is World Vegan Month

Did you know all my products are vegan & cruelty-free?

In Your Natural Habitat

Why In-Home Care is My Standard of Care

Your kitty, your favorite chair. Or is it your kitty's chair? In-home care is an important facet of reproductive wholeness.

Typical healthcare practitioners have an office—it can be seen as more professional, and it’s easier in certain ways. And for clients who feel more comfortable with a clinic space, I do rent one as needed. But there are so many benefits to in-home sessions that I consider it an integral piece of my care approach.

Holding sessions in your home saves you the time and energy of traveling. Postpartum clients especially say that house calls are the only way they can access self care—we can be flexible with time and work around kids’ needs. You don’t need a sitter; you don’t need to drive across town; hell, you don’t even need to change out of your pajamas.

My favorite part of home care is how seamlessly it integrates into the rest of your life. Your prenatal vitamins or the book your parents sent can be referenced easily. We can practice different ways to sit in your favorite chair to reduce pain. I can offer impromptu assistance with baby’s latch. When we create the perfect sidelying pregnancy massage position using every one of your pillows, you can then replicate that, and sleep better at night (partners are clinically proven to not need pillows). Since we’re on your turf, you’re more likely to remember questions you’d had.

We’re more likely to drink tea together, to get silly, or get real about your big feelings.

Yes, inviting someone into your home takes vulnerability.
And that vulnerability is exactly what builds trust and fosters relationship.

Plus, I Might Get Some Kitty Cuddles or Poochie Smoochies.

Recent Client Review:

"Jasper is an extraordinary massage therapist. They are patient, intuitive and truly a gifted healer! I began getting regular massage from Jasper in the last months of my 2nd pregnancy. Their continued care has made all of the difference in what has been a MUCH better postpartum recovery than my first time around. If you like the type of massage that is about getting to the bottom of long-term, chronic issues, then Jasper is therapist for you."
via Yelp

Jasper Moon, CPM LMT

(they/ them)

Perinatal care specialist. Spouse and parent. Goat hugger extraordinaire.