In-Home Massage for Pregnancy & the Postpartum

Perinatal Massage

Reconnection. Relaxation. Relief.

My thorough familiarity with the ups and downs of pregnancy and the postpartum leads to a more confident bodyworker...and happier clients. Whether you're having specific concerns or are just looking to unwind and reconnect with your body, I've got just the thing.

All of my postpartum and prenatal massages are offered in the comfort of your own home. Or, if you're in the hospital, I'm happy to meet you there, too. Clearly, this is perfect for folks on bed rest, but I find it works better for most of my clients. Some massage therapists charge extra for mobile massage (also called outcall massage), but because I aim to create the gentlest and most convenient experience possible for all families, I make the housecall my standard. I love that my clients can relax afterward, instead of driving home and reentering the busy world, so my work has a chance to sink in and last a bit longer. My clients love housecalls because they can stay in their pajamas if they want, and that their kids can play or nap while we do the massage.

Prenatal Massage

Massage that benefits you AND baby. Just ask any of my clients: if there's ever a time in your life when you can really use a good massage, it's when you're pregnant. Your whole world is changing every day, and your body is no exception. Although most of these changes are beneficial to the baby, some of them are obnoxious and painful for you. I incorporate my knowledge of prenatal physiology into a customized relaxation-based massage that focuses on your specific pains and complaints. Receiving massage while pregnant can help ease the extra stress on your body, reduce swelling and fatigue, and even promote an easier labor.

In early pregnancy, massage can be done in any position, and we will talk a bit to decide what is best for your particular needs. As your belly gets larger, we will protect your spine and the baby by primarily using the sidelying position, supported by 3-6 pillows. I'm also super excited about my new tilt-back table which allows us to easily position you in semi-reclining whenever you like. I oppose the use of face-down "pregnancy massage tables" with cut-outs for your belly: I explain why in my article Pregnancy Massage Tables vs Pregnancy Massage Positioning, and I am happy to answer any questions.

Postpartum Massage

If you've recently given birth, chances are you're tired, sore and a little out-of-sorts. Maybe you feel like your body isn't quite yours again yet. Many athletes believe a massage is crucial after the big race or game, and you've just won a triathlon. An in-home postpartum massage will restore your muscles, encourage relaxation and promote healing.

Postpartum massages can be done in the conventional manner (face-down and face-up), but I am always happy to use the sidelying position. This position is helpful for those with sore or engorged breasts, as well as anyone who wants to cuddle their baby during the massage.

Partners and Other Not-Pregnant Folks

Although I do specialize in perinatal massage, I am happy to work with all women (cis and trans), trans guys and nonbinary folks, at any point in their lives. For my own safety, my in-home work with cisgender men is limited to partners or other direct referral of established clients. I am dedicated to providing safe and healing massage and bodywork for the queer community, and to transgender folks in particular.

If you think I'd be a good match as a therapist for you, please give me a call or email.

Prices, Add-Ons, & Other Logistics

My mobile massage rates are $125 for a one-hour massage, or a 90-minute massage for $150. Either visit also includes time to chat before and after about how things are going and what you need. Discounted price for those buying multiple sessions at once; subscriptions available at discounted rates for clients who would like to arrange weekly or monthly visits throughout their pregnancy or postpartum.

As an optional add-on, a one-hour massage for your partners, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your doulas and midwives--anyone you choose who helped you through the birth or postpartum and could use a massage themselves. When arranged as an extension of your own postpartum visit and massage, I can add one per session at a discounted rate of $100 each. An easy way to support those who support you.

I'm also super open to bartering or skills trade, so don't hestitate to offer! Some of folks I've traded with include other massage therapists and bodyworkers, hair stylists, dog sitters, and a music instructor. Currently looking for mechanic work or a tattoo artist especially!

When setting up my table, I need an open area approximately 10 feet by 7 feet. Prices are based on me traveling to your home; if you have limited space, a house full of noisy relatives, or live out of my area, I can reserve a designated massage space in NE or SE Portland to accommodate you.

Perinatal Massage Service Area

I happily provide in-home prenatal and postpartum massage for clients in Portland and surrounding Metro area in Oregon only. Although my Oregon massage license does not allow me to provide massage services in Washington, I am very happy to arrange a studio space in Portland for clients who live in Vancouver. Outcall visits to clients further away (for example, in Salem) will be considered on an individual basis; a higher rate may be negotiated to reflect the increased travel time.

Call Policy

Please keep in mind that I am generally on call to attend births. I may need to reschedule an appointment with little advance notice, or sometimes even leave a session earlier than planned, if someone goes into labor. If I have to cut our massage short, we will add the time remaining to your next visit. Because babies like to be born in their own time, I appreciate your flexibility.