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Hello, My Name Is

Welcome to Growing Season, which is literally just me, Jasper Moon.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved being with people through big life shifts, and relatively early on that settled into a focus on the childbearing cycle. I think seeing my first home birth at 14 really clinched it for me. Some folks are drawn to this work for the teeny babies, but I really resonate with the deep inner processes of unfolding that happens with folks through the childbearing process. This journey is many things to many people, but for me, it's primarily a journey of connection. To ourselves, to our families, and to our care team. I love that my work allows, even requires, connection building with my clients.

My social location is that of a white, working class, queer and nonbinary trans person. I also have thin privilege, documented-status privilege, and experience able-bodied privilege much of the time, though I consider myself part of the disability and chronic illness community, as my lived experience includes Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) & correlated Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Autism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and lifelong migraines.

Having lived here on-and-off since I was eight, I consider myself a Portlander. I share my life with my kids and my old lady dog. I am a long-time feminist, tea-drinker and grammar geek, and my favorite color is grey, which I believe totally counts as a color despite years of debating this point with persnickety naysayers.

Just the Facts

My Credentials

Certifications Maintained

  • Certified Professional Midwife: CPM #13070011
  • Licensed Massage Therapist Oregon: LMT #18114
  • Maternity Massage Certification
  • Neonatal Resuscitation
  • CPR/AED/First Aid
  • Bloodborne Pathogens

What Really Matters

My Values

The following principles are important to me, and form the core of my business ethic.

Our Environment & Community

I believe in protecting our planet, which is why sustainability and non-toxicity are part of my life and my massage practice. When possible, I support local businesses, especially those whose own environmental efforts reflect these values. I believe these products and practices are healthier for our bodies and our souls, as well.

Some of the steps I take to reduce the environmental impact of my business include:

Animal Welfare

I am committed to using supplies made without animal products or byproducts and which have not been tested on animals. Though I have been vegetarian since 1990 and became vegan in 2003, my clients are a mix of vegan, vegetarian and omnivore.

Allergy/ Sensitivity Awareness

Keeping your health in mind, I do my best to maintain a fragrance-free practice, including the laundry soap I use for my linens.

I generally use SacredEarth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream, which is unscented and made with organic ingredients. I am also happy to use single oils if your skin prefers. I do not typically use essential oils in my practice, and make a point of keeping my own skin and hair products scent-free as well. If you have any specific needs in regards to your allergies or sensitivities, please let me know.

For those with severe animal allergies, it may be important to know that, although I do my best to keep animal dander away from my massage linens, I do share my life and my space with a cat and a dog, and visit the homes of clients with animal companions (who love to investigate my table bag!) as well.

Queer and Trans Inclusiveness

Though my practice is open to anyone drawn to working with me, I'm especially passionate about being a resource for safe and healthy touch to members of the queer and trans community. Personally, I identify as genderqueer/ nonbinary/ agender/ transmasculine-ish and queer, though my clients come from all genders and sexual identities. I do offer a discount to trans women, transfemmes, and other folks affected by transmisogyny. (Online scheduling use coupon code TRANSFEMME.)

For more info, go to my page for Queer/ Trans Community Bodywork.

Trauma-Informed Care

An integral piece of my practice. This includes awareness of the ways trauma manifests in our bodies and interactions, especially sexual traumas, because I do birth and pelvic floor work. In practice, this looks like a dedication to clear communication, client-led sessions, explicit consent, solid boundaries, and being truly present with folks. You don't have to disclose your personal history, as these practice guidelines are my default. However, you are welcome to share anything you feel called to, and I will do my best to hold space for your story.


Increasing ease and comfort for clients is an integral piece of my care philosophy. For those of you with movement limitations, I am happy to work with you in any way that would be convenient. For example, my massage table can be lowered or even opened out to lie flat on the floor, or we can do the session on your bed, seated, or other option if that feels more doable for you. I also have extensive experience with positioning, working with folks on bed rest, and folks whose bodies benefit from changing positions more often. Please let me know how I can better serve you.

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