Whole Postpartum:
In-Home Bodywork & Support Package

Your Postpartum

The Care We All Need & Deserve

We put so much energy into planning for the birth, or planning for newborn care, that we often forget to think ahead about what we'll need in the days and weeks postpartum. This lack of awareness, combined with a lack of enveloping community support, often has folks blindsided and overwhelmed. Which contributes to the ridiculously high rates of postpartum depression and other postpartum mood disturbances.

But the postpartum doesn't have to be an afterthought: let's work together to make sure you're prepared. We'll discuss your individual situation--your vision, hopes, and concerns for your postpartum recovery, and make an individualized plan. Typically, I'll arrange a meal train for your family. We'll do a support analysis, and decide how you want to navigate visitors/ helpers in a way that actually feels helpful. I'll also help answer questions about common postpartum decisions, such as where the baby will sleep, and what you'd like to do with your placenta.

Once baby is born, I'll return every other day for a total of five visits. You'll get an amazing postpartum massage, lactation support, and an herbal sitz bath. Each session we'll have an in-depth education dialog on topics of your choice, including infant massage, car seat safety (I can check yours for you), babywearing 101, and preparing for going back to work. We will also check in about your birth story, as many times as you need, and do an ongoing assessment for postpartum mood disorders. I can give referrals to lactation consultants, infant craniosacral therapists, new baby support groups, mental health therapists specializing in birth trauma, or anything else you need.

I'm also available to you via text, phone, or email at any time.

Whole Postpartum Service Area

I will happily support families anywhere within the Portland Metro area, excluding Vancouver until I get my Washington massage license. I consider support requests further away (for example, in Salem) on an individual basis depending on whether I'm on call for a birth; a higher rate may be negotiated to reflect the increased travel time.

Prices & Other Logistics

Package includes one in-home prenatal visit. We set up a meal plan for your family, primarily organized via email.

Once baby is born, we can be in text contact to set up our first postpartum visit, usually at 24 hours for a home birth, or whenever you get home and settled. Then, approximately every other day, as is convenient for your family, for five postpartum visits in total. Each visit runs around 2.5-3 hours. I'm also available to you via phone, text, or email at any time. The package rate for this care is $1500.

For Those Who Helped You Through It

Bonus Massages for Partners

As an optional add-on, a one-hour massage for your partners, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your doulas and midwives--anyone you choose who helped you through the birth or postpartum and could use a massage themselves. When arranged as an extension of your own postpartum visit and massage, I can add one per session at a discounted rate of $100 each. An easy way to support those who support you.