My Continuing Education

This is a list of most of my continuing education classes, sorted loosely into categories, though there is of course overlap. I did not include classes taken during massage school or midwifery school, and I have taken many classes geared toward physical therapists, or lactation consultants, and other professions adjacent to my own. I have also served as a teaching assistant for multiple courses in each of these categories.

Perinatal Care & Bodywork, Chest Wholeness

My Pelvic Floor Training

I have taken about 138.75 hours of training specific to pelvic bodywork.

* Many of my classes have used language in their titles and their content that needlessly and harmfully genders the body, such as "female reproductive system" or "male pelvis." I make a point of stripping the information of trans-erasive language--extrapolating, adapting, and supplementing it--to approach the matter from a trans-competent and inclusionary framework. I also make a point of speaking up in class, and talking to my instructors afterward about trans relevancy and inclusion. That said, I am fallible myself, and appreciate the opportunity to grow when folks point out my missteps and points of potential obliviousness. Read more about how pelvic floor work specifically applies to trans clients.

Queerness, Sexuality, & Trauma

My first Bachelor's Degree is in Gender Studies with a focus on Queer Studies. I've also done various trainings about PTSD and sexual trauma and about making a queer-safe practice. Though I myself am queer and trans, I still think it’s important to seek out LGBTQ+ health care-specific training. Some of the courses I’ve taken include:


I don't feel the need to list classes like Tax Law, or all the midwifery-specific classes I've taken, considering I'm not actively attending births as a midwife.
I've also completed the Chiropractic Assistant (CA) Training Program, and practiced for a while in a chiropractic clinic, but have since let my CA license lapse.

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