We’ve Got a Skull!

Baby 2, 20 week ultrasound.

July 1, 2019

So I guess it’s fair to officially update everyone that I’m pregnant with a baby for our family, now that we have official proof the baby has a skull. That’s the thing about being a midwife and being pregnant–other people want to see whether there are ten fingers and toes, whose nose they have, and I’m like, “please just let them have a skull.” So here, scientific evidence that this kiddo’s brain is protected by bone, and I can relax about it.

And some time around Halloween, we’ll get to see them in person. :)


Author Bio: Jasper Moon, CPM LMT (they/ them)

Perinatal care specialist. Spouse and parent. Vegan; drinks a lot of tea. Hosted three fetuses: our big kid, a surrogacy, and now our second, due around Halloween. Board game (and generally) geeky. Goat hugger extraordinaire.

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