Alpaca Babies!

June 24, 2012

So I just had two births in three days.  I’m farm-sitting for my mom, and both of her June mamas decided to have their babies on my watch!

Meet Alisa…

and Victor!

Alisa is now two days old.  She is about 4 hours old in this picture.  It had been pouring out and she shivered like crazy, so she got a thorough towel drying.  Victor was born about an hour ago, and is probably 30 minutes old in this picture.  I’m not doing anything to him because it’s such a nice day.  It’s hard to know exactly how old they were because alpacas have precipitous births by human standards.  Usually around an hour start to finish, then up to another hour for the placenta.

They and their mamas are doing well!


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